Frequently Asked Questions

What are your requirements to open a Safe Deposit Box?

You must be above 18 years of age and possess a valid MyKad or other valid identification.

Are foreigners eligible to open Safe Deposit Boxes?

Yes. All they need is a valid travel document.

What happens if I lose or misplace my Safe Deposit Box keys?

You will have to report the loss to the branch where your Safe Deposit Box is located along with valid identification e.g. passport or MyKad. Subsequently, we will replace the lost set of keys with a new set. The fees for replacement are as follows:

For the loss of 1 key: RM 200
For the loss of 2 keys: RM 400

A break box charge of RM 250 will be imposed.

Are there any prohibited items that cannot be stored?

For starters, nothing illegal or dangerous. In addition, you should not store any original document in your Safe Deposit Box that you (or someone else on your behalf) might need to get to immediately in case of an emergency. This might include a Power of Attorney document, medical care directives or funeral or burial instructions.

Weapons of any kind,explosives,gas canisters, liquid items and flammable items cannot be stored

Can I include my child's name in my existing Safe Deposit Box as a joint hirer?

Yes, to be an eligible Safe Deposit Box joint hirer, your child must be above 18 years of age.

Are multiple people allowed to access the box?

Only two hirers are allowed to access the box and a maximum of two keys will be provided. All hirers must be above 18.

Do I need to place a key deposit or Fixed Deposit as collateral?

A refundable key deposit of RM200 is required but a Fixed Deposit is not required as collateral.

Can I access my boxes on weekends and public holidays?

Your boxes are only accessible during the advertised operating hours at the respective locations.

Is there a limit to how many Safe Deposit Boxes I can hold?

No, there is no limit to the number of Safe Deposit Boxes you may have

What should I keep in a Safe Deposit Box ?

Documents, home inventories, valuable small possessions or personal keepsakes that would be difficult or impossible to replace.

How Safe is a Safe Deposit Box?

A vault full of Safe Deposit Boxes is your best bet when it comes to fire, flood, heat, earthquake, typhoon, explosion, burglary or other disaster or damage. However, for maximum protection, seal stored items in airtight, labeled containers.

At SDB, our Safe Deposit Boxes are protected by security that is second to none.